Real Moms Experience authentic community

Real Moms is a weekly experience where moms of all ages can enjoy authentic community, weekly lessons devoted to mom life, encouragement, laughter, and friendship.

We know that being a mom can be isolating at times. Whether you're in the weeds of toddler life or too busy running your kids around to make friends, we want you to know that this is a place you can come learn more about Jesus and find the support you need. If you're looking for an environment where you are free to ask tough questions about life and faith, Real Moms is for you.


    Real Moms is offered in-person at our 146th St. Campus and online via Zoom. 

    • In-person Real Moms' cost is $20
    • Online (Zoom) Real Moms is free and can be found here
    In-person Children's Programming
    We also offer a wonderful children’s program so that your kids can connect and grow, too! In-person children's programming is offered for $125/child, with a maximum family out-of-pocket of $250.

    Children's Info

    Please let us know you're planning to attend!