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With our recently completed 40 Day Prayer Challenge there came story after story of life-change, answered prayer, relationship growth, and spiritual revival. Lives were changed forever, folks, and that's not something we take lightly. This is Ty's story of change:

My wife started coming to Grace when I entered Teen Challenge October of 2014. I was very heavily addicted to Percocets. I destroyed our lives in every way possible. She was working full time and taking care of three kids, and started coming to the Saturday night services.

We were separated before I left for a couple of months and I was away for six more months. I was withdrawing very heavily the first week; but, that first weekend, I rededicated my life to Jesus and the Holy Spirit fell and consumed me. The Spirit took away my withdrawal and for two weeks He burned all the filth and yuck that was inside me. Jesus was setting up camp in my heart. He set me free from me!

My wife hated me for all the lying, stealing, manipulating, pornography, and just destroying of everything. She spoke of divorce several times. I didn't have a lot of hope. But Grace Church started to become her home and her relationship with Jesus came back to its rightful place. Grace Church and the grace of Jesus began to work in both of our hearts!

God set us both on fire at the same time! She forgave me and saw me as this new creation God had born again! God rebuilt our brokenness!

I came home April 1st and our marriage has had a solid foundation. My wife has a husband who attends ministry school and works hard every day. I see my wife through new eyes. My children have a father who teaches them Jesus can do anything!

I saw God answer prayer after prayer. Don't ever stop praying for the people you love and your enemies! I thank you Grace Church for being a rock – like Matthew 7:24 says – for my wife and my marriage. My wife volunteers a lot at Grace and I to become more involved when I finish school! We started attending the North Indy Campus and it's my home now too! We love you!

Amazing. Ty's story is a poignant example of God listening, loving, and acting for the good of his Beloved (that's us). Don't let a 40-day timeline keep you from continuing to trust God with bold, audacious, shameless prayers. And keep an eye out for more stories to come!


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