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Young adults have a place here. The senior community has a place here. Women have a place here. Men have a place here. Extroverts have a place here. Introverts have a place here. The new-to-faith have a place here. The long-time Christian has a place here. Rooted, Grace's curriculum for groups is just what my husband and I needed, and I want to share my Rooted experience with you. 

When I heard that our Young Adult, men’s, and women’s ministries had been conjoined into Adult ministries I had mixed feelings. My husband and I had found our place at Grace in leading our Young Adult Interest group. I was afraid that Young Adults at Grace would get lost in the shuffle and not see themselves at Grace anymore.

Change can be intimidating for anyone. My husband and I decided we should give the Rooted pilot a shot because we
wanted to be a part of the unification of these ministries. When we were placed in our Rooted group we recognized that we were a multigenerational group. We were composed of different experiences. Some of us were married, divorced, or single. Some of us were women and some of us were men. Some of us had kids and some of us didn’t. Some of us were completely new to Grace and some had been there for a long time. What did we all have in common? We were going to be in committed and intentional community with each other. We were going to talk about real stuff. We were going to be honest with each other and we were going to do life together.

We all have learned from each other and have appreciated each other. But most importantly we learned how to be a better church body. A body that appreciates how our stories and gifts build God’s Kingdom. Everyone has a seat at the table no matter your age or life experience. I highly recommend joining a rooted group at Grace.

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If you are thinking about joining a group, Rooted is a great place to start. You can be in a men's group, women's group, multigenerational group, age-specific group. The point is, to get in a group and start doing life together. The curriculum is just a bonus in the experience. Being in community and serving together, praying together and doing life together is what Jesus calls us too. And, it makes a big church like Grace feel smaller. I invite you to Rooted because you will find a group of people who love and support you no matter what. They'll be there for you. And, they'll make life better. So, what do you say? Are you ready for Rooted?
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