Devotions, Gratitude Gratitude in the Mundane

By Hannah Stapleton


I am not necessarily good at being grateful. I want to be the sort of person who keeps a gratitude journal and writes down 5 things I’m grateful every single day. But really, I’m more of the person who thanks God for the big stuff, like good news at the Doctor, and that’s about it. Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to find stuff to be grateful for, when every day is the same as the last. Nothing outstanding, good or bad. Just mundane.

I noticed one day at work that a lot of the people in my office generally ate frozen or pre-prepared meals every day for lunch. I was heating up leftovers that I didn’t really want and I thought, “Man, I’m really grateful that I’m a good cook, that I like to cook, and that I can afford to cook every week.” And bam. That moment got me feeling a little more grateful for my leftovers and got me re-thinking gratitude.

I’ve started trying to be grateful for the things I wouldn’t normally be grateful for. Spilled coffee on my pants twice in two weeks at the office? I’m grateful that I can buy an outfit to keep at my desk from my phone and have the money for an unplanned purchase! Migraine from the overhead lights? I’m grateful that my coworker keeps Advil Migraine at her desk, because my meds expired. Cats won’t stop pestering each other all night? I’m grateful that God led me and my husband to rescue those two little pieces of His creation and entrusted us to care for them—even when they keep waking me up at night.

I’m grateful for the big, easy stuff sure: my apartment, my working car, a fridge and closet full of clothes, my family. But I’m working on being grateful for the everyday stuff. The things that aren’t anything special, the things that sometimes frustrate me. The little ways I know that God is present in my life, even when it might not be obvious right away.
Look for the coffee-stain, bickering cat blessings.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What are some of the ways God has been present in your life that you may not have noticed?

  • Philippians 4:4 commands us to “rejoice in the Lord always.” How can be grateful for the non-outstanding things help cultivate an attitude of rejoicing in your life?

  • Think of 3 ways today that God has blessed you. Share them with a friend and challenge them to do the same!


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